When you work for JAM!, your employer will need to enrol you. The enrolment has succeeded when JAM! has received all of the required documents correctly and completely. A copy of your identification card is a part of these documents. Only after a complete enrolment, JAM! will be able to pay you your salary. Therefore, make sure everything is arranged in time and correctly! 

How to upload an identification card

Upload a clear copy of your identification card or passport. This cannot be a driver's license! Are you uploading an identification card? Then we'll need both the front- ánd the backside. If you're uploading a passport, it's very important to send a copy of both the front- and backside of your passport's hard page. That's because your social security number is on the back page. It's important to upload the complete front and back of your identification card/passport, not just the part where all of your data is listed. Check an example of the way in which you should upload your identification card here.

Do you have a Dutch identity card for aliens (vreemdelingendocument)? Then go to this page for the requirements.

Is a part of your enrolment not clear to you? Then check this article about signing your employment agreement. If you're still stuck with a problem, just ring 020-7796701.