We'd like to make the work processes as easy as possible. For that reason, we've built a completely new portal. These are the biggest advantages of MyJAM! for you:

  • Speedier process;
  • Easy to follow the onboarding;
  • In one dashboard you'll see: open timesheets, current placements, documents, messages, reports, invoices and hour history;
  • Employee only needs to login once for verification and online signature;
  • Flex worker can also follow onboarding online;
  • MyJAM! is available through desktop, tablet and smartphone.

Onboarding new employees 

New employees are hired in MyJAM! through the process of onboarding. This process brings a lot of flexibility. There are two different onboarding processes: 

  • Option 1: The principal fills out the form and pushes it forward.
  • Option 2: The principal fills out part of the form, the flex worker adds the missing data and approves, the hirer pushes it forward.¬†

By default, the first option is made available: the hirer fills out and pushes forward. Consequently, we process the onboarding and make sure the right documents are generated. Thus, the employer only approves in case of signed address details, employment details and his/her employment past. This occurs through an extra online signature on the registration card which is generated on the basis of the information that the principal fills out.

This way, the employee only needs to login once, verify his/her account and place three online signatures. Three documents are signed: a payroll agreement, a registration card and a wage tax form. After receiving these documents, we are able to pay salary.

Providing hours and reports

Importing the hours will remain identical to the way it was also done in the former situation. These processes are yours to structure; think of imports sheets or links with staff planning and hour registration software like L1NDA and Nostradamus. Moverover, it's possible to run reports in the new portal.