With MyJAM!, worked hours are a lot more efficient to register. By digitising the hour registration with MyJAM!, it's less prone to error and time is being saved. MyJAM!'s import tool makes it easy to import hours automatically; it's done within one click on a button. Consequently, timecards are automatically created, which means that you'd only have to approve them. This will make working with Excel or email redundant.

To let the process run as smoothly as possible, the hour registration of MyJAM! works with notifications. This counts for when the hours need to be registered as well as when there are hours ready to be approved. In case that the hours are not submitted on time, a reminder will follow. Both sending the notifications and the reminders occurs automatically. 

The hour import tool enables one to, independent from the file's layout, import all hours and expenses from Excel, CSV or TXT-files into MyJAM! with just one click. It's also possible to link with e.g. L1NDA and Nostradamus, after which the hours are automatically sent to MyJAM! This way, you'll be able to process your hours and/or expenses without retyping them, which ensures a swift and error-free hour processing.