MyJAM! offers the possibility to enrol a new employee easily and quickly.

You start by filling in the basic details of your new staff member. Think of name and email address, but also contract details. On the basis of this data, the new staff member will receive an email with an invitation to MyJAM!.

Consequently, the new employee can continue the onboarding by entering their remaining personal data, like a copy of their ID. When this is done, the data needs to be checked and (dis)approved by you. Not just you, but also the employee has the right to reject a part of the enrolment. For instance: if you've entered a wage that's too low, the employee can reject this and add a note to the rejection.

After everything is approved, we will verify if everything is correct and complete. Then, the new employee receives the contract, which then needs to be signed. If desired, the new employee can sign directly for wage tax, too. 

During this whole process, you'll have real time insight in the status of the enrolment. Read the step-by-step plan for enrolling your employees here.