Do you think you might fall under the 'student and pupil regulation'? You can read below what the regulation entails.

This would entail that you gain a tax advantage, because we deduct less or no wage tax from your salary, which results in more wage in your bank account. Everybody wants that, right? We think it's important that you receive everything you're entitled to, so check what profile you need to have in order to fall under the regulation.

The regulation counts for:

  • Pupils who live with their parents/caretakers and receive child allowance or;
  • Students and scholars who are entitled to a student grant or;
  • Students and scholars who are entitled to a compensation for their tuition costs on the basis of the Law reimbursement tuition costs or;
  • Foreign students and pupils from another country belonging to the European Union or Iceland, Norway, Switzerland or Liechtenstein and who also possess an International Student Identity Card (ISIC). 

Do you meet any of the aforementioned requirements? Then download the form below, fill it out (online), send a mail to and add the filled out form. We'll take care of the rest. Super easy, right?

Download the form here: