Would you like to create a template out of a timecard? For example, because an employee always works the same hours or because you always process the same amount of hours in the categorized timecard? Then use the template timecard. 

Caution: period totals cannot be used with a template. 

Saving and using templates

Step 1: Open a new timecard (click on the tile 'filling in hours' and fill in the hours and wage components.

Step 2: Click on Other -> Save as template.

A copy of the hours will be made, which you can open the next time you're in this menu. You receive the following notification:

From now onwards, you can use the saved template after you've created a new timecard. You can apply the template by doing the following:

Step 3: Open a new timecard and select Other actions -> Use template

The saved hours will be transferred to the timecard automatically. You'll receive the following notification: 

It's an option to adapt the new timecard before you offer it.