Step 1: You can create a new timecard by clicking on the tile Add hours

Step 2: Choose the week that you want to enter hours for and click on Create. 

Step 3: The timecard has been created. You can now fill in the sheet with hours (and optional reimbursements). Select a component first, then the worked hours on the right day.  If you see a different overview than in the image below, let us know, we can change this.

Saving versus offering

When the timecard has been entered, it can be offered directly or saved temporarily. As soon as the timecard has been saved, an action symbol will appear next to it (a number of the amount of timecards that require action) in the action overview on the left side menu of the person that enters the hours. This symbol entails that the timecard has yet to be offered.

You can also spot the timecard with the action symbol (an exclamation mark) in the stream on the right side menu.

As soon as you push the button Approve, the timecard will be sent to JAM!. You'll receive the following notification:

The action symbol disappears and the timecard can be retrieved by clicking on Timecards in the action overview. The timecard from week 5 that has just been entered now has the status Approved. By clicking somewhere on the horizontal line, you can open the timecard again and you'll see that the timecard has been offered and approved.

Other actions

All actions that can be applied to a timecard - besides the prominent buttons Save, Approve and Excel - are combined in the tile Other. Here, you'll find (a selection of) the following actions: adding template, saving template, send a message, print, add file, and delete. See here how you can create a template out of a timecard.