You can add multiple wage components to an assignment (e.g. besides the 'Normal hours 100%' also a component 'Extra hours 150%' or 'Extra hours 200%'). 

Based on the available wage components, you can add an extra line to a timecard to write down the concerning wage component. You can do this by clicking on the + at the timecard.

Select a date first. In order to choose a wage component, you click on the arrow pointing downwards in the line Select a component to open the drop down menu. The list shows the first wage components, with a maximum of 25. Select the desired wage component.

When the wage component that you want to use doesn't appear in the list, you can click on the line. A cursor appears and consequently, you can type (a part of) the wage component manually. The matches will appear in the drop down menu, where you can select the component by clicking on it.

If the wage component that you want to use doesn't belong to the possibilities, it's not possible to write hours in this category. Only the available wage components can be used.

When you've entered the timecard, you can Save the card (this will not be pushed through in the process) or Offer (the timecard will be pushed through in the process).