1. At the start of your registration, your manager first enters your basic and contract details.

2. After the transfer, your account will automatically be created in MyJAM!. You will receive a message by e-mail with the request to complete your account. After this it is possible to log in and complete the registration form with your details. (Steps 4, 5 and 6)

3. After this your manager will check your proof of identity. After this, your manager will pass on the registration to JAM!. We process the registration and generate your contract that you can digitally sign. (Step 7) You will always receive an email when your contract is ready for signature.

You can always log in to MyJAM! and click on 'My registration'. There you can see the status and you immediately understand who still has to perform an action. It could take a little longer before you can sign your contract.

It's possible that you receive an error notification when you try to sign your contract via the MyJAM! website. Do you see notifications like 'Session seems expired' or 'Entered code is not valid'? Or doesn't your sms-code work? Then make sure to download the MyJAM! app and try to sign your contract via the app.