• Step 1: Did you work and have you agreed with your manager upon entering your own hours? If yes, you can create a new timecard via the tile Enter hours.

Step 2: Choose the period of which you want to enter the hours and click on Create. Note: your work period might deviate from the example below and it's dependent on what your manager has arranged with us.

Step 3: The timecard is created. You can now fill in the work hours. In the example below, it goes as follows: select a date first, then the component (probably just 'Normal hours 100%') en the amount of hours on that day. See the article 

How can I create a new hour line? for more information about filling in a new timecard (multiple days). In case that you see a different overview than in the example below, then your manager has chosen for this specifically.


Save vs. offer

When the timecard is filled in, the timecard can be offered directly or saved in between. As soon as the timecard has been saved, it will appear with an action symbol (number of the amount of timecards that require action) in the menu on the left. This symbol indicates that the timecard has yet to be offered. You can also see the timecard in the stream (right side menu) with the action symbol (exclamation mark which shows there is action required). 

NOTE: Save is always possible, which enables you to continue filling in your hours the next time. However, offer can only be done once. Think well if the hours are correct before you offer them. When you do, you cannot adapt this timecard anymore.

When you do click on offer, the timecard will be sent to JAM! and we will pay your salary on the date that we've set with your manager. You will receive the following notification.

The action symbol disappears and the timecard can be found with the Timecards in the action overview. The timecard that has just been filled in now has the status offered. By clicking on a line, you can open the timecard again and with the status, you'll see that the timecard is offered and eventually approved. When your manager has approved the timecard, the status will change to approved.