Via your MyJAM! account, you can easily create an export of all of your employees and their address details. How to do that? As follows: 

Step 1: Go to the left side menu in your MyJAM! and click on the button Flexworkers. Here, you'll see an overview of your employees and the personal information that's made accessible to you in different columns. The columns named Id and External number are irrelevant for you as a principal.

Step 2: To only show the information that is relevant to you, click at the right top on Columns. Select the concerning address details here: First Name, Surname prefix, Surname, Street name, House number, Postcode, Town and possibly Telephone number and Mobile number. This is also the place where you can deselect Id and External number.

Step 3: If you've gathered all necessary information, click at left top side on Excel. You'll then get a clear export of the address details of all of your employees. Would you like to see the same details the next time that you open the menu? Then click at the right top om Miscellaneous en select the button Save overview settings for me.