Per July 1, 2019, there is a change in the way that the Ziektewet (the Health Insurance Act) is arranged for you. In short: JAM! now (instead of the UWV) takes over responsibility of carrying out the Ziektewet. The corresponding tasks are executed by ENgage Werkgeversadvies B.V. Below, you can read what this entails for you. 

The Ziektewet takes care of the benefits for, among others, employees who leave service due to illness. From July 1, 2019 onwards, JAM! will bear the excess of the Ziektewet risk. That means that JAM! will execute the Ziektewet, and not the UWV. This counts for employees who, for instance, fall and remain ill at the end of an employment agreement, which leads to them leaving service while being ill.

The tasks that belong to bearing the excess of the Ziektewet risk, are conducted by ENgage Werkgeversadvies B.V. They are a specialized executor for the Ziektewet and they will guide you during your illness after you’ve left service. The goal of this support is to advance your recovery, so you’d be able to start working again soon afterwards.

When you leave service while being ill and you’d like to request a Ziektewet benefit, you will have to report this to ENgage Werkgeversadvies. After registration, you will receive a call from a Ziektewet Case Manager who works at ENgage Werkgeversadvies. All case managers from ENgage Werkgeversadvies have sworn an oath to handle medical information with the utmost confidentiality. This case manager will discuss the subsequent process with you. Moreover, you’ll receive a document ‘Ziektewet Eigenrisicodragerschap Informatie voor Uitkeringsgerechtigde’ (Bearing Excess of the Ziektewet Risk Information for Persons Entitled to Benefit), where you can find more information about your rights and duties in the Ziektewet.