Below, we'll explain to you how to request a WW benefit (unemployment benefit).


  1. Go to the following website:
  2. Consequently, push the button 'WW-uitkering aanvragen'. This means 'Request an unemployment benefit).
  3. Log in with your personal DigiD. Don't have one yet? You can request that here.
    Afterwards, you'll see the following screen and click on 'Volgende' (next):
  4. Then, you'll see 3 questions that you need to answer. In the most cases, the answer will be 3 times 'no', but read the questions well and fill in what applies to you. The questions are as follows: 1. 'My unemployment benefit has stopped and I haven't worked afterwards. Does this apply to you?' 2. 'My employer has gone bankrupt and and I receive a benefit due to payment incapability. This benefit will stop. Does this situation apply to you?' and 3. 'My sick leave benefit or maternity allowance stops. Or after 2 years, I won't receive a WIA benefit (benefit for work and income according to capacity for work), for instance because I'm only less than 35% incapacitated. Do one of these situations apply to you?'
  5. Afterwards, the following questions will follow. Answer as demonstrated below:
    Raakt u uw werk volledig kwijt (Will you lose your work completely): 'yes'.
    Bent u oproepkracht (Are you an on-call worker): 'yes'.
    Bent u uitzendkracht (Are you a temporary worker): 'no'.
  6. Then, you'll receive the question: 'Wat is de eerste dag na uw laatste werkdag' (What is the first day after your last working day)? If you've received an End of Commission from us on Monday March 16, then you should fill in this date here. 
  7. Consequently, fill in if you worked the same days each week, as pictured below. Of course, this differs per person so you should fill this one in by yourself.
  8. The next step is that you're asked how many hours you've worked on average during the last 26 weeks. You can get to this number by adding up all of the hours that you've worked the last 26 weeks, and divide this number by 26. You'll then have your average number of hours a week.
    If you've worked monthly hours, then make a calculation out of the last 5 months. Divide your working hours of these months by 5, multiply by 12 and divide by 52 weeks. You'll then get to your average weekly hours as well.
  9. Then, you're asked if you've worked less than 20 hours in the period mentioned below. You also need to fill this in for yourself.
  10. After this, you need to check your personal data. Do this carefully.
  11. Also fill in your extra personal data (name, address, city).
  12. Check the name of your last employer and optionally add information to this. JAM!'s phone number is 020 88 81 477. 
  13. Then there's a question if you've worked for 26 weeks during the last 36 weeks. Take note: this is a prerequisite for receiving an unemployment benefit.
  14. Also fill in what kind of contract you have. If you have a 0-hour contract, then you're an on-call worker. A min-max contract also makes you an on-call worker. A contract with determined hours is a contract for bepaalde tijd (fixed-term period).
  15. If you have a fixed-term contract, then the following 3 questions need to be answered by yourself: 1. 'Has your contract been ended earlier than the mentioned end date in your contract?' 2. 'Specify how many fixed-term contracts you have had with your employer. Amount of contracts?' and 3. 'Has your employer offered you a different contract or different work?'
  16. If you execute other paid activities, then answer 'yes' to the following question. Otherwise, the answer is 'no'.
  17. Then you'll receive a day-salary calculation, as seen below.
  18. Afterwards, click on 'next'. You will see an overview of your employment past. Indicate if it's correct or not. If it's not correct, then you will need to specify this.
  19. Then you will receive your day-salary calculation..
  20. Now you need to indicate if you're unmarried or married. Registered partnership is the same as married here.
  21. If you're married, specify if your collective bruto salary is lower than €2.575.
  22. Now indicate if everything has been filled out correctly and send out the WW request.