It's very easy to extend the contract of your employee. Yet, it's important to know to which phase the employee should belong with the upcoming contract. Read all of the information here about the phases. Don't hesitate to contact us if it's not working out.

  1. Go to MyJAM! and click on the tile 'Employee registering / deregistering / extension'.
  2. Then select 'Verlenging' (Dutch for Extension) and consequently click on 'Create'.
  3. Then select the concerning employee. Afterwards, all of the personal data is filled in by us. Thoroughly check this data: maybe the employee's address or phone number has been changed. Then scroll down and fill in all of the contract details.

    If you don't know for which phase the employee should receive the new contract, that's okay, because we will find it out for you.

    If you already know in which phase the employee should come or if you have another comment, please let us know via the comments field. We see this coming in immediately and take it into account.

    The only thing that's left is to click on 'Put through' (or the arrow symbol if you're working in the MyJAM! app).

  4. JAM! then checks the data and lets you know if there's something you'll need to pay attention to. Consequently, the contract is generated and offered for signature to the concerning employee. After signature, the new contract is placed in the personal document section of MyJAM!.