Introduction and conditions

Due to the coronacrisis, there is a new regulation: the Temporary Bridging Arrangement for Flexworkers (TOFA in Dutch). The TOFA is meant for you as an employee when you have lost the half of your income or more and you're not eligible for a benefit. This means that you could have a zero hours-contract or you could be a student with a side job.

Whomever meets the conditions for the TOFA regulation, receives a single reimbursement of €1.650 bruto. That amounts to €550 bruto per month for the period of March, April and May 2020.

You're eligible for this reimbursement if you meet the following demands:

  • You were at least 18 years of age on April 1 2020 and you hadn't reached the retirement age (AOW age).
  • Your social security salary (sv-loon) for February was at least € 400.
  • Your sv-loon for March 2020 was at least € 1.
  • Your sv-loon for April was at a maximum of € 550.
  • Your sv-loon for April 2020 was at least 50% lower than the sv-loon for February 2020.
  • You haven't received a benefit or another reimbursement for April 2020.

Take note: The sv-loon is the social security salary. This is the salary that is used to calculate the taxes and social security contribution you pay. You sv-loon is mentioned on your pay slip. Sometimes a different term is used, for example loon (voor) loonheffing.

Requesting reimbursement TOFA

By means of the form ‘Aanvragen tegemoetkoming TOFA’ (Requesting reimbursement TOFA) you can request the TOFA reimbursement. This can be done from June 22, 2020 up and until July 12, 2020. You will need this data for requesting the TOFA:

  • Your DigiD login code;
  • Your account number;
  • Your phone number and email address.

Click here for the action plan to request the TOFA.

After your request

When you've requested the TOFA, the UWV checks if you meet all of the conditions. Before they make their decision, they also check your income information like it is known with is the Belastingdienst. This is an automated process. The UWV strives to send you their decision within four weeks. If it says that you will receive your reimbursement, then they will pay it out within ten calendar days. Usually, it then takes up to three working days for the amount to show up in your bank account.