We'll explain to you below how to successfully request the TOFA reimbursement. Would you like to know what the TOFA entails exactly? Then click here. 


  • Step 0.
  • Step 1. Introduction
  • Step 2. Declaration of intent
  • Step 3. Requesting TOFA
  • Step 3.1. Requesting TOFA
  • Step 3.2. Requesting TOFA
  • Step 4.1. Check
  • Step 4.2. Check

Step 0.

Click here to go to the TOFA request form and log in with your DigiD. 

Step 1. Introduction (Inleiding)

Read the introduction text well and click on 'Volgende stap' (Next step).

Stap 2. Declaration of intent

Tick the boxes for both statements and click on 'Volgende' (Next).

Step 3. Requesting TOFA 

Check your data and click on 'Volgende' (Next).

Step 3.1. Requesting TOFA

Fill in your address information and click on 'Volgende' (Next).

Step 3.2. Requesting TOFA

Now, you have to answer a few questions. Below are the questions + answers that you'll need to give (only if it's correct, of course).

Kreeg u over april 2020 een uitkering of andere tegemoetkoming in uw inkomsten? 
(Did you receive a benefit or another reimbursement to your income for April?)
Nee / No
Was uw sv-loon over februari 2020 minimaal € 400?

(Was your sv-loon /social security income for February 2020 at least €400?)

Ja / Yes
Was uw sv-loon over maart 2020 minimaal € 1?
(Was your sv-loon / social security income for March 2020 at least €1?)
Ja / Yes
Was uw sv-loon over april 2020 maximaal € 550?

(Was your sv-loon / social security income for April 2020 €550 at most?)

Ja / Yes
Was uw sv-loon over april 2020 minimaal 50 procent lager dan uw sv-loon over februari 2020?

(Was your sv-loon / social security income for April 2020 at least 50 percent lower than your sv-loon for February 2020?

Ja / Yes

Fill in the rest of the data, read the information about the loonheffingskorting (personal allowance) carefully and click on 'Volgende stap' (Next step). 

Step 4.1. Check

Check all of your data, tick the box to confirm all of the filled in data is correct and click on 'Volgende' (Next).

Step 4.2. Check

Click on 'Versturen' (Send). If you click on the button 'Versturen' (Send), the request form is sent to the UWV. Afterwards, you can't change anything about it. After sending it, it is possible to save the form and print it.