Loonheffing (wage tax) is a tax that you have to pay on your wages. This levy must be paid to the tax authorities.


Every working Dutch citizen is entitled to 'loonheffingskorting': wage tax credit. This tax credit is deductible from your tax. This means you pay less tax on your wages.


You can only use your wage tax credit for one job. This means that if you have multiple jobs, you have to choose which job you want it to apply to. It's best to apply the wage tax credit to the job where you have the highest income.


Would you like to request or change your loonheffingskorting? Then fill in this form and mail this to data@jamhoreca.nl.


Do you follow an education (school/study)? If you participate in the Studenten- en scholierenregeling (Student and scholar regulation), then we deduct less wage tax / national insurance contributions from your wage. For this, also download the wage tax credit form for students and send both forms to data@jamhoreca.nl.