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Hello, I just get my salaris. And it is saying that You I mean your uutzenbureau took all my money. And they are gonna take another 381 euro from my next salaris. My question is: why did you take all my money. I go to work every day I work longer then I have to and now you are taking my money? Why? If I will not get my money toaday then I think I am gonna quit.

Dear Aleksander, 

You'll reveive your salary today. However, with a passed correction. This is also known to your manager. Our HR Manager Monique will call you today to explain everything. 

Have a great day! 



Hallo Paul, Ik heb geprobeerd de MyJAM app te downloaden maar dat kan niet. Ik krijg een melding dat ik op een te nieuwe versie van Android zit en dat deze versie de app niet ondersteund. Is hier iets aan te doen? Groeten, Mats


Please I also need update on payment for Week 26 work done?

Best regards


Hi Stellastina,

You'll get your salary today (August 7). 


Team JAM!

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