How can you set and save preference settings?

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You can adapt all oversights in MyJAM!, which means you can quickly request the information you're looking for. Below you'll read more about how you can save and request filters. Moreover, you'll read how you can add, hide and classify columns in the oversight.


Adding columns to overview


Each overview consists out of standard columns. Besides these standardly shown columns, there is also a number of hidden columns. You can either hide or add columns to the overview to arrange the overview to your own desires. You can also save these settings, so you always have access to your own wanted overviews. We advise you to add the 'Tarief' and 'Wage' columns directly to your overview.


Step 1: Click on the button Columns, right next to the button Other.

Step 2: Click on the column you'd like to add.



Step 3: Tick the boxes of the columns you'd like to add to your overview.


Tip: with the option Sort you can classify the lines on the subject of the column.



Step 4: Save the adapted overview by clicking on the button Other -> Overview settings.



The current overview will now always be displayed with the selected columns. Would you like to restore the overview to the default version? Then click the button Other -> Forgot my overview settings.


Check here how the search function works in overviews.


Saving filters

Do you have a type of oversight you'd like to check every week? In MyJAM! you can save filters. This way, you can request your own oversight within one click of a button.


Step 1: Enter your own filter criterium in the search field. You can find more information on how to filter the right information in the article Hoe werkt de zoekfunctie in overzichten?.

Step 2: Click on Save as on the bottom of the page.

Step 3: Fill in a name.

Step 4. Click on Save.




When you open the filter, you'll find your saved filters left from the filter criterium.



Step 5: Click on the name of the filter. In this example it's Approved hoursThe result is shown in the overview.

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