How does the search function work in overviews?

Modified on Wed, 20 Mar at 5:30 PM

Within MyJAM!, you can can search in overviews in two ways:

  • Searching for keywords
  • Filtering

These two options can be combined to acquire the right results very efficiently and quickly.


Searching for keywords

To search for a specific name quickly, you can use the search field. You can execute multiple search actions by entering a new keyword and searching again. There will be searched for both words. Would you like to reset the keywords? Then clean the search field and search again. You can search by pushing enter or by clicking on the magnifying glass at the beginning of the search field.


Step 1: Type a word (or a part of it) in the search field.


Step 2: Press enter or click on the magnifying glass to search for the entered word(s).


In the example, there has been searched for 'Jan' in the timecards overview, and all results are shown.



Step 3: Clear the search field and search for a second word.


Beneath the search field, both keywords are shown. In this case, it's 'Jan' and 'Week 45'. You will now see all timecards of 'Jan' in 'week 45'.


Step 4: Clear the search field and start a new search by clicking enter or the magnifying glass. You're now back in the complete overview.


For effective and quick searches, you can use filters. By directly searching for the right column, you can search faster than through the search field.


Step 1: Click on the arrow next to the search field to open the filter options.



You can search for differing columns in the overview:



When you enter 0.01 in the left option, you'll receive a list of all timecards that contain hours. This way, you'll filter empty timecards out of the overview. When you fill in 0,01 in the right option, you filter for the timecards that don't contain hours.



This is where you can select the timecards of a period of your choice. 



You can select timecards of a certain status of choice here. Think of e.g. the exported timecards or the newly created timecards.


Step 2: Click on the Search button to retrieve the results of the filter.


Check how to set and save preference settings right here.

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