How many vacation days do I accrue?

Modified on Wed, 20 Mar 2024 at 04:26 PM

The number of vacation days accrued depends on the type of calculation used. At JAM!, we work with vacation hours instead of vacation days to simplify calculations and provide clarity on payslips. Here's how it works:


Assuming a full-time contract of 38 hours per week, you are entitled to 20 vacation days per year. However, we calculate vacation hours based on a percentage of paid hours per month. You accrue 9.62% vacation hours on the paid hours, which include hours worked, sick leave hours, and vacation hours. Vacation hours are not accrued on unpaid hours.


For example:

If someone has a contract for 40 hours per week and 173.33 hours per month, the calculation would be as follows:

173.33 X 0.0962 = 16.67 vacation hours accrued per month.


If you consistently work the 173.33 hours per month, you would have accumulated 200.04 vacation hours by the end of the year (16.67 X 12). This is equivalent to 20 vacation days or 5 weeks of vacation per year.

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